Rock and Run, Bern - 01/07/2018

Another team run for us! We participated with a smaller team this time, two of us were teaching the after run yoga, at the Rock’n’Run in Bern - however, we still came with our pineapple! It was a crazy hot day and we had to make sure to get a high water and salt intake, but the heat definitely made this run even tougher than it usually already is. First, Kensho Sports made us get our sweat on in a 10 min bootcamp and then it was off for 10k through the ups and downs at Bern with workout stations at every corner - from rowing, to jump rope, to deadlifts, to kettlebell swings to monkey bars, to burpees… we had to do give it all and then some. Luckily we were able to fuel up again after with some sweet food from Massgekocht and our friends from Rehband gave us some awesome shirts to slip into after we showered off!

Check out the photos!